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The Company Today

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FGUP VNIIKHSZR today is a global research organisation, leading Institute in Russia to develop effective and safe means of plant protection. FGUP VNIIKHSZR, years of experience, qualified personnel, a multifaceted commercial and scientific cooperation with companies-producers of agricultural products and chemicals has successfully developed industry of chemical plant protection products (plant protection chemicals).


The History of the Institute

FGUP VNIIKHSZR – one of the oldest scientific institutions in Russia, established in 1962 under the leadership of laureate of the State prize of the USSR, corresponding member of RAS, doctor of chemical Sciences, founder of the national school pesticide Melnikova N. N. Read more

Scientific Activity

With the participation of the Institute and based on his development over the whole period of activity was registered around 70 drugs. Development of FGUP VNIIKHSZR and with the participation of specialists was commissioned by production of drugs, such as “Trichlorfon”, “Phenazone”, “Malathion”, “Ftelias”, “Posolon”, “Sulphur”, “copper Oxychloride”, “Phenols – super”, “Dipesan”, “Glyphosate” and others, as well as more than 100 formulations on the basis of domestic and imported active ingredients, including drugs for personal subsidiary farms. A large part of the drugs are still in demand in agriculture. Go to section